The Saudi Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Lab


The Saudi Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Lab (SEE-LAB) is a dynamic forum bringing together the various stakeholders to create collaborative efforts in fostering entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia. Through the SEE-LAB, stakeholders can:

  • Conceptualize, in a holistic manner, how well placed Saudi Arabia's ecosystem is to further foster the development of entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia.
  • Observe how this ecosystem behaves and evolves over time. This will help identify the leverage points where interventions are optimal. 
  • Engage and collaborate in bolstering the ecosystem. Building a robust entrepreneurial environment requires collaborative efforts of multiple stakeholders. 
The idea of the SEE-LAB was evisaged by Osama M. Ashri while he was an MBA candidate at Babson College

Osama M. Ashri serves as Vice President of Strategy at Namaa Almunawara, a quasi-government organization that catalyzes the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Almadina Almunawara province. He also spearheads the Saudi Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Lab (SEE-LAB), which aims at fostering entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia through collaborative efforts. While pursing his MBA, Osama was immersed in Boston’s vibrant startup scene and worked as a project manager at the I2 Institute for Imagination and Ingenuity, an ecosystem platform for scientists, technologists, and engineers.

In addition to his passion for stimulating entrepreneurship ecosystems, Osama led many seminars on leading change, lectured on leadership at the Center for Leadership Development at the University of North Carolina and is an adjunct lecturer on systems thinking and practice at a local university.

Osama has received many awards, including Total Leader, Master Leader from the University of North Carolina, Employee of the Year from the Saudi Royal Aircraft Division, the Babson Charley Osborn MIS Award and was a finalist for the Babson MBA Entrepreneurship Award. He earned an MBA from Babson College, a BA in Systems Practice (First Class Honors) and another undergraduate degree in Avionics Technology (Summa Cum Laude). In addition, Osama participated in executive education programs at Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan School of Management.